In this session, you’ll learn how to save 95% of your time on test automation by leveraging Generative AI breakthroughs and moving 90%-100% of the work to the product management organization. We’ll cover how to improve SDLC to allow you to move up to 30% faster with up to 90% fewer bugs in production, and how Generative AI can be helpful to eliminate 98% of the effort on maintaining end-to-end tests. This will be followed up by a live demo of the Generative-AI features of testRigor.

Takeaways from the talk:

  • Time Savings: The session highlights how well-written prompts for Generative AI can create modular and dynamic test steps.
  • Enhancing the SDLC: Generative AI enables faster development cycles by creating more tests in shorter amounts of time.
  • Shift in Responsibility: Replacing strict code structures with plain English statements results in moving 90%-100% of the test automation workload from Software Developers Engineers in Test (SDETs) to less technical manual testers.
  • Reduced Maintenance Effort: The effort to maintain page object classes is reduced with self-healing objects. Elements that change properties and even classes can still be accurately located. Furthermore, attendees will learn the adoption of a data-qa, or Data-* attribute, takes maintenance down to its lowest level.
  • Faster Suite Execution: Running more tests in parallel reduces Defect Detection Percentage, This improves the overall quality of software by finding more defects before they reach production, directly benefiting end-users.

September 6 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:30 (45′)

Paul Grossman