Convince Your Boss to Attend STU

5th – 6th SEPTEMBER, 2024


Ready to Attend STU?

We have invaluable tips to empower you to elevate your testing projects, advance your career, and gain approval to attend, all while returning with tangible action items that will be greatly appreciated by your boss.

Get Started

Check out our awesome email template! It provides a helpful structure on why attending STU is a great idea. It includes details on how it can improve your work, create value for your organization, and advance your current projects.

Specification with Details

Remember to be specific about how attending STU will help achieve specific goals for the company. Link program talks to the projects you are working on. This will help identifying sessions that align best with the organization’s objectives and aspirations will pave the way for a successful and impactful participation.

Grow as a Team

A key focus for managers, alongside company goals, is the development of their people. Demonstrating the return on investment for this development is invaluable. Emphasizing the alignment between the company’s people development goals and the benefit it brings to both the team and the projects is essential.

Start Early

Initiating the approval process in advance will enable you to maximize cost savings. Timely submission of your request will also allow for a smooth approval process and effective coordination of schedules for additional team members attending the conference or covering your projects during your absence


Maximize your Experience during the Conference

Take Notes

Make sure to note at key takeaways from each session and mark actionable items with an asterisk for easy reference later.

Share the Knowledge

Share insightful observations and key takeaways from the sessions you attend on social media channels during the event. This will help you gain new followers, expand your network, and keep your colleagues informed about what you’re learning in real-time. Use the official conference hashtag #STUCHICAGO.


STU is all about fostering connections and offers you the opportunity to engage with our wonderful, vibrant community. Build new relationships, collaborate, and connect with like-minded professionals to inspire fresh perspectives.

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