About Us

Testingmind is a consulting and workforce development organisation helping its clients and customers to optimise IT-intensive processes through consulting, training and live summits. We are a pool of professionals passionate about Business Processes, Emerging Technologies and Innovation. We bring in the cutting-edge insights to drive growth in the constantly changing business environment.

Agile Consulting
We do it your way to optimize your processes.

We help organisations of all sizes and from all industries to successfully adopt Agile, making the transition sustainable. We bring in proven practices and support the teams in using Scrum, Kanban or Lean, helping understand the principles and more importantly – How to do it? We work closely with the teams understanding the different needs while transitioning to Agile and help not only their transition, but also in the overall growth of the company through our coaching techniques and transition model

We are event creators.

We organise events which brings the prevailing and unfolding Business Processes, Technologies and Innovations. We bring the industry experts to share the best practices on the hottest topics across our key channels – Agile, Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, IoT and Software Testing, across the globe.


From Leadership Development to Contemporary Processes to Emerging Technologies is ALL we do. We enable organisations to successfully evolve by developing each individual and teams within the prescribed domains of Agile, Big Data, Cloud, DevOps, IoT or Software Testing.