Speaker Proposal – Cybersecurity


With a diverse, worldwide audience of practitioners and leaders, TESTINGMIND participants are looking for compelling case studies, leading-edge innovations, inspiring success stories, and practical lessons in Cybersecurity.

We are seeking proposals for talks in the hottest areas of Cybersecurity:

  • Zero Trust Security Framework

  • Ransomware Defense Strategies

  • Threat Hunting and Detection

  • Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure

  • Securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

  • Cloud-Native Security

  • Incident Response and Digital Forensics

  • Security Automation and Orchestration

  • Regulatory Compliance in Cybersecurity

  • Next-Generation Threats

  • Threat Intelligence and Analysis

  • Incident Response and Management

  • Application Security

  • Identity and Access Management

  • Endpoint Security

  • Data Protection and Privacy

  • Security Governance and Compliance

  • International Cybersecurity Cooperation

Don’t see your topic on the list? No worries! We are always looking for fresh new ideas and topics. Consider submitting a topic out of the box.

Not an experienced conference speaker? We’ve got you covered! We select new speakers for every conference and provide them guidance and support in everything from how to write a good presentation to tips on effective speaking. Think about what tools and practices have worked for your team or the biggest challenges you have overcome. Odds are good that if you faced it, others face it as well and need your help.

  • For a virtual conference, standard presentation time slots are forty minutes and additional 10 minutes allotted for questions.
  • We encourage papers that provide attendees with additional detail.
  • Each of our speakers receives a complimentary conference registration.
  • Please submit one topic to each form. If you have more than one topic that you would like us to consider, please submit multiple forms.
  • It’s important to provide all requested information when submitting your presentation for consideration.