While organizations understand the need for load testing, and many even have the necessary tools to manage it, they still fail to execute it well and “do the job” for end-users. Frustration at a poor user experience is increased by the IT organization’s failure to explain the root cause of load issues, simply passing them off to users as generic “technical issues.” Join Israel Rogoza as he shares five ways to achieve load testing success that focuses on the users’ needs. Based on his load test experiences, Israel will introduce strategies to help you decide who should carry out performance testing during your daily work and how to find the right tool. Israel will explain the need to simulate real-life user scenarios using network virtualization and verify that your hardware can handle the load. Finally, he’ll provide practical recommendations for improving load testing by monitoring how your servers are behaving and by better understanding the load test reports. You’ll be able to plan an optimal workflow for effective load testing: defining goals, gathering the right data, creating virtual users, recording scripts, and executing real-life user scenarios. Get ready for your load testing to support an improved user experience.

November 27 @ 15:45
15:45 — 16:30 (45′)