After years of frustration trying to gain comprehensive and actionable analytics using the industry standard web analytics tools, Teradata wanted more. Consolidated user metrics at the site- or page-level did not support our desire to create account-specific or individualized personalized web experiences. The standard tools could not provide personalization without slowing down the user experience to an unacceptable level, and those tools simply were not able to connect the vast data available in our IDW with individual or account-level web activity. Teradata also needed to be prepared to meet data compliance challenges such as the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We needed a solution for each of these challenges (analytics, personalization, & compliance), and we wanted to find that solution in a single tool from a single vendor. Enter Celebrus. Come hear how Teradata has engaged Celebrus to completely replace the standard web analytics platform with one that provides significantly more data and insights, allowing Teradata to increase web engagement of target accounts and individuals using personalization (by mastering 1st party data), to support the specific needs of its Account-based Marketing company initiative, and to meet the stringent consent requirements of the GDPR. We will be sharing real-world examples from Teradata’s own digital presence – this will not be a theoretical presentation, and we will give you tips on how to recreate our successes at your own company. Teradata will also share its lessons in scaling the personalization effort to every web visitor from each of its 1,500+ target accounts by implementing Teradata’s RTIM (Real-time Interaction Manager). Real-world use cases of machine learning and web personalization in a B2B environment are a rarity – come learn from our experiences. This presentation is targeted to Digital Marketing Leadership and Practitioners. We will be talking to business leaders about business goals and outcomes that create engagement with target customers via a personalized digital presence. We will also cover the technologies which we have deployed at Teradata to make it happen, including the technology architecture, which will whet the appetites of IT/Database Technologists who want to learn more. •Key takeaways 1. Ever-expanding marketing technology vendors are popping up every day, providing point solutions to try to get to the same results that we are able to deliver with Teradata and Celebrus. Don’t buy the hype! 2. We have hands-on experience of the challenges and hurdles to help you get over them yourselves-we are doing it ourselves! •3-5 keywords that can be used to describe your topic (think of these as topic tags; you will also enter these below in this form) 1.Web analytics 2.Web personalization 3. Account-based Marketing (ABM) 4.GDPR

August 29 @ 15:30
15:30 — 16:15 (45′)

John Hines