In the deployment driven culture of today’s multi-sdk, and sharded SDLC culture, Automation, like Agile, has become a catchall buzzword which is used around the proverbial watercooler across every industry; The misnomer that automating your workflow can save you money on personnel, and time from your development cycle with the wave a wand is perhaps the only development concept which transcends the barriers of business that mark the various fields throughout the economy of data in which we all live. However, in a world of shifting and inconsistent methodologies there are ways to utilize Automation that will simplify pain points, as well as give functional and usable data for the purpose of decision making. That outline, broken into ‘Identification of Pain – Identification of Non- Moving Parts – And Creation of Structured, Evolving Metric Points’ is the purpose of this talk. Designed to give veterans perspective on integration into Agile and Waterfall methodologies, and Non-QA-Technical resources a chance to understand the end to end of a healthy business flow, this presentation will present a philosophy to help a team sync up with Automated testing as a backbone to relieve some of the most common stresses a team faces, without sacrificing talent in the process.

August 28 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:00 (45′)

Brandon De VITO