In the journey of Digital Transformation, organization are restructuring there teams into many autonomous squads delivering solutions at very short cycles. In most of the instances Performance testing is highly manual tasks and performed by specialized resources. By automating Performance Testing we can accelerate the feedback loops and reduce dependencies.

Performance Test can be accelerated by following the below methods:
• Creating Scripting Templates with sample requests explaining the headers and assertions reduce scripting errors and eliminates reviews.
• Integrating Scripts in version control along with the code helps in transparency and collaboration
• Executing performance test scripts as part of CI / CD process thus triggering test after every deployment
• Automatically including test results in the Trend Report provides quick comparison with the baseline
• Emailing the Trend Report to the entire team gives quick feedback and helps in decision making to deliver the code into production

Tools Used:
• Performance Test Tool: LoadRunner / Performance Centre
• Version Control: GIT
• Continuous Delivery: Octopus

By establishing a plan with some interim goals helps organisations to accelerate performance testing for autonomous squads:
Goal 1: Deploy Performance Test Specialist to come up with a Strategy and Set-up Load Environment
Goal 2: Performance Test Specialists to understand Organisations requirements and prepare a generic Script templates
Goal 3: Performance Test Specialist to coach the individual squads to implement Performance Test Automation
Goal 4: Each Autonomous squads individually deliver performance test solution with minimal support from Specialist.

June 4 @ 09:20
09:20 — 10:00 (40′)

Saravanan Guruswamy