Our Implementation, Success and Learning Motivation was: Improving testing in a new agile environment for fast paced delivery by increasing test participation, bringing Automation, DevOps concept and successfully implementing it for a client completely new to agile practice and frameworks. Background: The project, involvement and drafting test strategy/frameworks on how we started Concept for Automation and DevOps – POC, Roadmap, Strategy and Tools Managing agile Test Teams and Scrum of Scrum meetings – AU, NZ and Manila Early involvement of Test – UX sessions, Architectural meetings, Non Functional requirement meetings Implementation of Automation – Regression Pack update, in parallel Automation framework, helping out the first core problem of bulk test data, regression pack automation and then focusing on functional test automation Creating and Implementing CI/CD pipeline – Success and Learning Automating Deployment Process – For COTS product – Trying something new! Performance Testing – What we failed at and improvement/learning for new project(s)

May 28 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)