The transition to agile is a growing trend in many IT software development organizations. This incredible growth has introduced process changes that are forcing companies to redefine their core delivery strategies and the manner in which they conduct business. Delivering quality applications that meet business needs more quickly has become a challenge for companies transitioning to an agile development and delivery approach. Due to the faster development delivery time, testing requires a redefined strategy, revised approach, new tools, and trained/experienced resources. Many companies have introduced some agile processes but need additional process improvements. Improvements are needed to ensure fewer bumps in the road for agile development projects. This presentation will discuss the top agile development improvements that many companies need and how we have helped them improve their processes. The presentation will focus on:

• Identifying the challenges that many companies face when transitioning to agile and what can be done to address them

• Understanding the differences in the testing role and processes, including test-first development and continuous delivery

• Learning how to plan your overall agile project testing strategy and what critical components need to be included • How to standardize your estimation process to ensure you meet development and deployment schedules

• Identifying where and what tools can play an integral role in the agile development and deployment Abstract or Course Outline Building quality into your agile development approach does not happen by accident; it must be planned. This presentation presents, from a development and testing perspective, what process improvements may be needed when transitioning to agile development. New technology, risks, and your development approach can be key exposure issues in implementing agile processes. This presentation will discuss these issues and the potential impact on revenue and customers if they are not addressed. Areas of improvement that will be discussed are:

• User stories and how consistently-written acceptance criteria will determine what to test

• Business Driven Development for test automation

• Governance role to ensure consistency and success

• Test automation for unit, functional regression and release management Real-world experiences will be used to show participants a “how-to” approach to successfully tune up their agile development and testing processes.

August 28 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Jeff Tatelman