Security has always been a primary concern for any enterprise-level applications, especially when exposing our business through services or micro-services. Whether it be complete Web-based component or Application programming interfaces (APIs) all have become a rage nowadays in the world of digital transformation, by using newest of the technologies companies in some way may open doors to their corporate data, giving opportunities to hackers. Securing these technologies are not only important but securing these applications and all technologies in an automated fashion by leveraging current CICD infrastructure as much as possible should be a primary focus for all organizations. Currently in any organization authentication and authorization plays a vital role in strengthening the core security of all products and users if these are not properly managed and maintained these could lead to bigger threats like breaches and compromise of security and systems within an organization. An organization may suffer from various Gaps like • Multiple sources of truths • No user life-cycle management • Not centralized, more than one Authentication & Authorization (RBAC) management mechanism • Multiple provisioning\deprovisioning o mechanisms • No support for microservices oriented engineering architectures • Lack of layered security controls • Lack of usage tracking • No governance & visibility • No real-time intelligence Which may lead to a large number of Risks including: • Audit failures (like KPMG reports) • Prone to a data breach due to unauthorized access • No forensics capabilities • Can’t track, who is doing what, & when? In this proposal, we will be focusing on a solution which will solve all the above-mentioned problems in most automated way giving organizations centralized and fully automated customized Authentication and Authorization solutions which not only supports users but also applications, using our solution applications can decouple Authentication and Authorization logic and focus more on core logic and all applications using our automated solution get below-mentioned benefits • Strong OpenID certified fully secured state of the art Authentication and authorization solution • Automated Approval flows. • Audit Script compliance checks • Customized access windows • Adaptive authentication • Application registration and RBAC designer • User Self-service portal • Threat Intelligence and forensic capabilities • Dashboard for all statistics

July 25 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Ashutosh Shah