I would like to cover two topics: API testing for back-end logic – the most optimal way for young companies. The most popular automated testing approaches, unit-testing and UI testing, are not well suited for those who want to launch their product quickly. Unit tests require a developer’s time while UI tests are slow and fragile. However, if you come back to the roots and implement your application as a classical three-tier system, where front-end uses API endpoints (no server-side rendering), then API testing will give you enough peace of mind with only a minimum of hassle. Screenshot-based front-end testing – an inexpensive alternative to Selenium tests. When wide-spread Selenium tests rely on particular elements of the page, they might not be very stable and also won’t catch any visual changes. Screenshot-based testing, though, compares visual information on the page with a reference image. This gives you the ability to catch both logical and visual changes. As it relies much less on the elements on the page, it is much more stable.

November 1 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)

Daos Knox