Introduction Today, Software Testing is going through biggest digital transformation due emergence of new technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is easy to implement and uses software bots that reduce operational cost while improving efficiency and accuracy. In future it will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and RPA is driving new era of Automation and Quality Assurance is a key automation candidate. Key Transformation Drivers Time-to-Market: It is imperative for any organizations to adopt an Agile and Automated testing strategy that ensures rapid releases to accelerate time to market without compromising the quality of product. Agility and Accuracy: Organizations are not only looking for Agility in software delivery but they also require intelligent process automation that minimizes errors, optimizes business processes and reduced turnaround time for software testing. Cost Reduction: RPA is providing huge cost reduction for enterprises as minimal workforce is required. Flexibility: RPA is flexible to interact with any kind of software application as any QA resource will interact weather it is web application, desktop application or mobile application. RPA is not being leveraged only for Business Process Automation but also pushing the limit for Automation of end to end testing, System and User Acceptance testing etc. Are you ready for future? RPA demand is projected to grow exponentially in future. RPA will transform Software Quality Assurance community to RPA Development community in future? Are you ready for this journey?

April 10 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Brijesh Singh