Would like to present to the audience the end 2 end test suite we have constructed here at ArborMetrix using Selenium grid coupled with Applitools. We have created a robust automated regression suite that has allowed us to run hundreds of tests in parallel on multiple EC2 instances in AWS. This has cut our run times down from 6 hours to 10-15 minutes. The Applitools integration has allowed us the ability to not write thousands of assertions that have to be maintained but use the visual assertion process Applitools possesses to test functionality for us. In the span of 2 years since its inception we have not only freed up QA resources for other more challenging tasks, but we have caught nearly 80 regression bugs. These bugs would have gone into production and impacted the end user had we not had this framework in place. This test framework has also allowed us to validate configuration of each of our 20 customers before production releases, data validation of our manual data collection application, migration testing of our data cache, and many more. The very interesting part of this suite is the role Jenkins plays in the orchestration of spinning up/down the EC2 instances and running the tests. We have built the Jenkins jobs to turn the instances on and off on demand as to save our company money by not running them all the time. I appreciate you taking the time to read through my abstract and for the opportunity to present.

September 3 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:45 (45′)

Ryan LaPensee