Automobile industries are gearing up with new software for the dealers and the users. The head unit applications have always got the focus; however, the industry is now looking forward to ‘data enabled’ features for the car. Connected vehicle has become the new name. Because of the limited options to fix the prod bugs, industry follows • Through testing • Multiple test phases • More test coverage • Detail oriented • Manual testing • Automation testing (as feasible) Starting with the project management, most of the organizations are following Agile methodology. JIRA is used for project and test management purposes and Zephyr plugin is used to upload the test cases are uploaded in JIRA. Manual testing for most of the software is still present in the industry to test mobile apps and some multimedia applications; however, automation has given the priority. For cloud based development Salesforce is used. APIs are commonly used for any system to system communication. For an overall API testing Postman is used and to enhance the API testing Newman is used from command lines. There are multiple web UI is present in the backend and these are to be tested alongside the APIs. To test API and web UI multiple open source testing tools can be used. We are working with Selenium ( TestNG framework) and Test café. Selenium is used to test Web UI and Rest Assured is used to test API. TestNG framework is created to test these two set of test cases side by side. Test Café, another automation tool we are looking at to utilize for UI and API automation.

June 4 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:45 (45′)