Stress tests, load tests, spike tests, soak tests. He has done them all, from setting up the test scripts to reporting the results and findings. While there is plenty of documentation around the technical side, He wants to share with you his takeaways on running a successful test and analyzing the results. There wouldn’t be good results without a good test plan, so in this talk, we will start and look at how to set up a proper performance test for a web application. A recipe that, when followed, will give you pretty results to dive into. As somewhat of a performance test expert, he finds that there are a few recurring signals he looks out for in performance test results. He will share these key indicators and give you the tools to spot a server in trouble and when it might be OK to end a test prematurely. After we’ve discussed the indicators, we will look at three real-life scenarios and check if you can spot the details when we analyze them together.

May 8 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:30 (45′)

Martijn Goossens