ROI in SMM ? Is it worth to make my business active on Social Media! There is an agency fees & on top of it is the Social Media Boost Cost ? Is it worth Boosting ? Will I get Walk-ins through SMM ? There is no One Single Elusive formula that will help your business succeed on Social Media. On the contrary it’s not easy to hit the Sales Sweet Spot. Sweet Spot in SMM is when a Potential Customer saw an influencing content of your business and initiated a sale. This will enable you to know that the sales did happen from SMM and so what’s the fuss, sounds simple isn’t it ? An average avid Social Media user spends 20mins on Social Media Platforms in a day. You have less than 3 Seconds to “Influence a Sale”. Contents galore Personal, News, Bollywood, Gossips, Interests, amidst all this is your SMM Marketing Campaign! So again is it worth it? It’s definitely is, Lets together look at how can we generate a genuine SMM Enquiry or Sales by ensuring you hit the SMM Sweet Spot.

February 15 @ 15:40
15:40 — 16:20 (40′)

Vaibhav Vijay Krishna