2020, a year that has gone yet will be remembered worldwide as a year like no other! Social interaction became a memory to be replaced by social distancing. Mankind was at war with an invisible enemy on a battlefield we were not accustomed to but needed to defeat.

In some ways, Quality professionals have always been subjected to the invisible bugs/defects that need finding so they can be fixed or eliminated. However, in most cases ‘Quality’ is an after-thought often resulting in the Tester/QA being under the spotlight towards the end of sprint-cycle or brought in after a failure of production release. As organizations and businesses embark on their Agile transformation journeys where continuous testing and delivery are a must yet many still find themselves far from their optimal performance goals.

In this presentation, we will explore ways of ‘Bringing Quality Assurance to the forefront of the battlefield” by focusing on the 3R’s – Recognize, Reflect & Re-adapt.

May 12 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:45 (45′)

Priya Balachandran