Building a culture of quality excellence in your organization is absolutely necessary to compete in 2020. Every member must be accountable for the quality of the application and understand his/her role in delivering it. We need our teams to emphasize quality over quantity, work smarter, and set the right expectations. In a world of agile development and even more so for those of us moving to CI-CD, testing all the things in a fast-paced development environment is challenging if not impossible. What to do about it? One foundational aspect of 2020 success is to acknowledge where you are on the quality maturity curve. By understanding your maturity curve, you will then know how to best to set quality goals, diagnose needs, and identify interests for 2020 and beyond. My talk will share how I measure the quality maturity curve to set the right execution path and set expectations in the quality journey for huge enterprises with dynamic, mission-critical applications. We will explore my experiences in building a quality platform that helped the company achieve elite quality status and drive more business value, quality accountability, and shared responsibility with clear ownership.You’re in the right place to set executive advice and set a path for quality in 2020 and beyond.

April 30 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:40 (40′)

Greg Sypolt