Writing automation is the easiest part. Maintaining it and adding value is the biggest challenge. Incremental feature addition calls for increasing UI test coverage . This calls for constant scaling of infrastructure,scope of tests.Measuring KPI of the automation also holds the key. This would have been the biggest nightmare for organization which had grown its automation suite over the time. The growing test numbers make the maintainability of test, gates which run them hassle. It calls for effective tools to handle,measure and evaluate the automation suite. Best Practices 1) Keep the UI gate light. In the testing pyramid, UI test should be the lightest. In organizations which are matured, unit test and integration test takes precedence 2) Always add tags/test categories to the test so that it can be run separately based on risk/feature/test types. 3) Cross browser testing should be limited to few tests that enable user journey through the product and hence maintainable 4) Visual regression testing should be a must in test suite as it provides fastest method to find issues Maintainability 1)Splitting the tests based on risk and running them as separate gates on CI holds the key 2) This would help us get faster feedback since we run specific test suite parallel 3) This would enable us to focus of high risk test suite for last minute check-in’s KPI 1) Measuring effectiveness of the gates ( Defects found per iteration against each gate ) 2) Flakiness on gates (This will measure the maintenance index of the gate) 3) Running a brainstorming of defects/bugs that are not caught by gates and creating a closed feedback

July 25 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:15 (1h)

Krishnamoorthy Anantha Krishnan