Mobile app developers and QA teams have their hands full. From managing and sharing devices, running manual tests, and incorporating test automation all while delivering innovative apps faster than ever, enterprise mobility teams are laden with responsibility. In order to thrive, all team members need to make sure they have the best tools and solutions to do their job to release updates on time. While many enterprise mobility teams have considered incorporating a mobile device cloud into their testing labs, the question remains whether it is better to build one in-house or invest in a ready-made device cloud solution. Mobile Labs’ Sr. Director of Product Marketing has outlined five important questions QA teams need to consider when deciding whether to buy or build a mobile device cloud solution. In this presentation, Orlando will explore the following questions, outline the pros and cons of each buying and building, and provide key strategy and valuable tips to help enterprise mobility teams make the right decision when incorporating a mobile device cloud into their mobile app development and testing processes. 1. Do I have the budget for a device cloud? 2. Do I have resources to build a device cloud? 3. How important is manual testing to my project? 4. What are my security requirements? 5. What is the skill level of my testing team? As an added bonus, Orlando will also explore the deeper benefits of purchasing a commercial mobile device cloud solution based on support of continuous integration and security measures that contribute to increased productivity for mobile developers and quality assurance engineers.

April 10 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:45 (45′)

Steve Orlando