Driving quality throughout the SDLC by managing a near self-driving CI/CD pipeline, while leveraging the hottest new test automation technologies, strategies, and tools, with the goal of maximized ROI, including nice visual test reports to boot .. ahh.. this is the goal of many engineering teams. Automation has become (again) a hot topic on many fronts, for example, what are the real gains of test automation vs. manual testing? How can AI help us? Are SDETs automating just for the sake of ‘automating’? “We have thousands of automated tests! Our automation is great! We can conduct release acceptance tests in 10 minutes” .. only to find out that a customer crashed the system within 30 seconds of the release.

After so many dedicated resources, cross-collaboration across multiple respected companies, and attending numerous conferences, this presentation shares the numerous poor decisions, and unexpected outcomes, then finally how implementing a simple approach to design and build a high-functioning automation strategy works.

Takeaways from the talk:

This presentation will share real-world experiences overcoming test automation challenges and the steps that were made to achieve those successes.

  • Building trust with your test reports
  •  Measuring ROI of automation vs effort to main
  • Lessons learned from collaborations
  • Demo of automation principles and design

May 10 @ 11:00
11:00 — 11:45 (45′)

Peter Kim