As Agile development practices gain popularity and cloud-native architectures become the go-to solution for modern applications, software development teams face new and unique challenges during migration. The topic delves into the challenges faced by Agile teams that are migrating a monolith to a cloud-native and distributed architecture and outlines the strategies that QA engineers can adopt to counter these challenges.

Takeaways from the talk:

  • The fundamental way in which applications are developed, deployed, and tested in a cloud-native environment and the implications of distributed architectures on test environments and data management.
  • Using innovative testing strategies such as chaos engineering, container-based testing, and service virtualization, which help simulate real-world scenarios and validate the resilience of cloud-native applications
  • Emphasis on continuous testing practices by integrating automated testing pipelines, using testing frameworks compatible with microservices, and leveraging cloud testing platforms which can lead to faster feedback loops and increased application stability.
  • Organizational and cultural shifts for that foster collaboration among multiple scrum teams across the organization.
  • Upskilling QA engineers in cloud-native technologies to address the skill gap within the organization.

September 22 @ 14:15
14:15 — 15:00 (45′)

Chandrasekar Sankaranarayanan