The impact of agile testing on a truly CD is not by the fact of automating the current test cases. The real power of Agile testing to boost the delivery flow of value resides in different techniques and practices done during the entire SDLC, including the backlog construction. This presentation shows how having a well define backlog with spec by example empower TDD and how the virtualization of dev environments can make “shift the quality left” a reality. You will understand at the end of the presentation that a ” Create test, code the feature toggles, setup configuration, code and deploy ” lifecycle is possible with small enhancements on your value stream. Define an effective testing strategy, based on the needs of your product and incorporate definition of spec by examples as part of the story refinements, together with PO and business, specially in form or BDD syntax, makes all the levels of test automation with the required and known coverage that gives you confidence to deploy into production without manual intervention. This powered with the technique of self services development environments, made possible by cloud and containers, but also with virtual servers, can make all your most expensive tests be executed in parallel, like functional and performance testing, and enable you to run multiples build in parallel. These ideas are the ones presented on this session to leave you with that “question mark of why I haven’t done it before”. I can present also real life examples and results. If required. You let me know.

April 5 @ 14:15
14:15 — 15:00 (45′)

Leonardo Souza Mattos