Do you ever feel in your role as a QA leader or Testing Engineer that you get assigned tasks that seem more like stop gaps than actual work that will drive lasting quality improvement? Does it ever feel challenging to get other engineering leaders to align on what projects will be more impactful, rather than reacting to what’s currently blocking them? Do you find it hard to express what quality really looks like to your senior leadership team?

In the last half-decade of running Quality Engineering Programs, he often had these challenges in determining what work we should be delivering. One of the tools I utilized to help navigate and establish direction was running a Quality Service Delivery Review which helped establish :

  • What does healthy quality look like in your engineering organization (code quality, engineering process, deliverables?)
  • Is the Quality Organization successful in delivering this (what KPIs and how is this consumed)?
  • Is our overall engineering output actually delivering with quality (what happens if it’s not)?
  • Are our customers satisfied with our product and how can we determine this?

Being able to answer the questions above will allow you to align with the engineering leadership team on what quality initiatives should be worked on quarter to quarter.

Takeaways from the talk:
  • The case for utilizing a feedback mechanism like the Quality Service Delivery Review
  • What kind of content, metrics, and data should you be preparing and sharing
  • How to drive engagement with the participants in your Service Delivery Review
  • Utilizing the above to create alignment to build out your roadmap for execution

September 15 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Jeff Sing