QAs are the gatekeepers of any organization. We play a very crucial role and it serves as a critical step in ensuring a smooth customer experience. It is always interesting to share the transition of career from testing frontend devices to the backend Rest APIs and microservices. This would include the challenges faced and best practices followed in testing Smart TVs with emerging operating systems, Gaming Consoles, Chrome cast, STB from chipsets vendors around the world. It would be really interesting to know that how Manual testing becomes very important when it comes to testing each and every model of the brand. I would also like share details about the POC performed on Raspberry PI for testing the Smart TV devices. With an appetite of learning and moving behind the scenes, how the transition actually happened while exploring the APIs and microservices. The period of difficulty and exciting from moving from frontend to backend while testing the micro-services manually! Then came a ray of hope “RESTASSURED” which made tedious manual work more optimized and organized. The early stage of developing a RestAssured framework from scratch. Testing is a never-ending process we have to keep on learning, exploring and testing new things each and every single day.

December 18 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Neha Shah