If “software life cycle” is known for different stages and events a piece of software would go through over its creation time, there is a phase call “testing” which describes the inter-relationship between testers and software developers. In the modem days, there are dating services with the intention of increasing the chances of a compatible, pleasant, and successful dating between two people. Does Testing Automation meant to achieve similar results for testers and developers during the software development lifecycle? I have been a software engineer for many years and have gone through the software development life cycle many times. I may share my personal first-hand experience with testing, both manual and automated. Most romantic stories share some common substances – love, hate, and different emotions between the two ends. The same substances pretty much apply to how testers and developers work together. I may, from the perspective of a software developer, share the insider view of this journey of testing with automation. During my career with software development, it’s a known fact that testing automation is given more and more emphasis over the time. During some of my software project, some related questions popped up: – who writes test automation software? (developers who develop the software or testers) – does testing automation software have requirements? If ‘yes’, who defines those requirements? – who owns the test automation software? – do developers have preferences between manual testing or testing with automation? – my successful story with test automation – my not-so successful story with test automation – the ideal test automation in the eyes of a developer

November 7 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Danny Lee