As more software engineering teams are trying to achieve elite performance in software development and delivery, so you can deliver more to the customer and stakeholders. The teams are trying to increase the speed of the deployments and improve the stability of the software. The increased velocity of deployments to production comes with the risk of Quality. The key to building faster and more effective quality feedback into continuous delivery pipelines is to have reliable automated test suites integrate with the delivery pipeline and run continuously to provide real-time feedback. Continuous Testing help teams build high-quality software faster and drive improved software stability, reduced team burnout, and lower deployment pain.

Takeaways from the topic:

This session explains how we at Tokio Marine have adopted Loadrunner Cloud to Implement Continuous performance testing into Azure delivery pipelines, Implement SLA’s in the performance suites, and effectively provide real-time feedback using Azure DevOps checks, Quality gates, and Pre & Post Deployment Approvals.

September 27 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Naveen Karakavalasa