The goal of Continuous Testing is to find defects earlier in the development lifecycle and release software faster to the market. This can be achieved by integrating open-source functional and performance testing tools in the early stages of your software delivery lifecycle by developers and QA engineers. In this talk, I plan to explain how to integrate open-source testing automation framework Taurus, and other tools such as JMeter, Selenium, as a CI step in Jenkins pipelines, so these can be triggered as part of everyday code commit or build. Taurus can run a large variety of tests and has reporting features that ensure Agile teams to dodge defects and nasty surprises before the software is released. Taurus is a sophisticated yet easy to use the framework, that requires no programming skills. Test scenarios can be described in a natural language DSL and can be triggered from any command-line enabled tools. Come to join me on the exciting journey of excuse free testing.

August 23 @ 13:15
13:15 — 14:00 (45′)

Kiran Makarla