Recently, we have been seeing major shift in Marketing 1. it could be the Traditional to Digital Marketing (Marketing 4.0), 2. Shift from 4Ps of Marketing or 3. integrated marketing technology All of them are providing seamless customer experience and improved Marketing ROI. Data is one thing that is playing vital role in helping the Marketing Strategist to understand their customers and design a target based marketing approach using Single Customer view (SCV). Customers leave their data footprints across multiple channels such as Website, Social Media, Micro Blogging, Forums, Mobile Apps, Ecommerce sites, products and others. Within each of these channels, Customers leave – their personal data, interests, purchase info, visits to the websites, IP addresses, CTR – Click through rates of AdWords, Interactions on Facebook, Twitter or other social media, Geo Location etc. Using these valuable data one can try to understand their customer better and provide a seamless and engaging service to them. Having just data will not directly yield you Marketing success, it is how you derive the data, the decisions, and actions made against these data makes all the difference. My session will focus on how we collect data from different sources, manage them, analyze them and make it meaningful for strategists. Understanding comprehensive trends and drilling down the data provides us with opportunities that are vital for creating an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy that offers the customers with a seamless experience.

February 15 @ 11:40
11:40 — 12:20 (40′)