• Testing is still completely underrated in the data world. Still, almost all data developers shy away from testing.
  • Data teams don’t implement tests in the right places and data issues are caught by end-users
  • Data Tests not implemented in the right places

This session will show the audience the WHY, WHERE, and HOW to do data testing and validation before working on any data-driven project using AI and ML-infused emerging concepts and tools.

Takeaways from the talk:

  • What is Data Testing and Data Validation
  • Why is Data Testing and Data Validation important
  • How to do Data Testing Data Validation from end to end
  • Processes/tools / Technologies and Vendors in this Space
  • Synthetic data generation capabilities for data testing
  • You will walk away with a very good idea of all the above points with respect to data testing and validation and eventually data quality

November 24 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:30 (45′)

Sumit Pal