Now more than ever, it can be difficult to differentiate your products from your competitors in the eyes of the consumer. And can you blame them? One look at any major retailer’s shelves or a quick search on Amazon, and you will see a virtual sea of products that all seem to have similar attributes, features and benefits. This is perhaps the single biggest marketing challenge to brands today. How does a brand separate themselves and develop true brand recognition and loyalty when there are so many products that are perceived to offer the same thing? This is why effective marketing has become so difficult. The customer is overwhelmed with choices and confused by the apparent lack of differences between products. YOU-centric marketing is the realization that effective marketing must resonate directly with you, the customer. It must breakthrough the market noise by feeling personal and offering value. YOU-centric marketing reminds us that people buy identities, namely their own, and your customers needs to be treated as the important individuals that they are. This presentation will explain why YOU-centric marketing is so powerful, provide examples of the top brands that utilize a YOU-centric approach and how your brand can use it to win customers.

September 6 @ 15:00
15:00 — 15:45 (45′)

Shahla Hebets