B2b marketers have embraced demand generation as an evolutionary path to revenue marketing and customer centricity. In this presentation I will discuss the building block of demand generation and how organisations can effectively leverage it – whether they are a fast growing start up or a mature organisation in a stagnant market. Demand generation cannot exist in a silo – its efforts need to be aligned with overall business objectives, sales targets and customer needs. I will talk about the difference between product and customer driven demand gen and why customer driven demand gen is more aligned with revenue marketing principles. Product driven demand gen is still a core strategy for a lot of large global organisations – this presents an opportunity for savvy and innovative marketers to take advantage of this gap and outshine the competition by focusing on value for the customer! I will also discuss demand generation in a digital world, where demand gen is applied across different channels – both online and traditional, but with a digital-first mindset. The session will also touch on the practice of revenue marketing as the end goal of demand generation (practiced by more mature and sophisticated marketing teams) – being able to predictably show ROI and impact of marketing activity on the bottom line. Finally, I will also about what success looks (key demand gen metrics) and showcase some of my own examples of successful demand generation programs. (Note – a lot of marketers I’ve spoken to in the industry still have a very traditional mindset when it comes to demand gen, content marketing – they’re thinking about it either in terms of product or brand, whereas it’s all about marketing in a digital wold with a focus on performance like pipeline generation, velocity, ROI, customer lifetime value.. which tells me that a significant number of businesses are still immature in their practices. This is also backed up by the recent B2b marketing survey published by Green Hat and AMI).

May 29 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)