Engineering organizations are constantly trying to find the right balance between optimal engineering velocity and achieving business outcomes. Automation, even if augmented by AI, provides some benefits, but that may not be enough. There still needs to be a human component. This is where DevCrowdOps comes in. DevCrowdOps leverages crowd testing in a way that can act as an insurance policy against bad code being deployed and augment application monitoring/observability to provide a low-cost way to ensure high engineering velocity to produce apps that meet revenue expectations and stay within budget.

Takeaways from the talk:

  • How using people to test apps at scale can provide flexibility that compliments the speed of Automated Testing.
  • How the combination of using people and automated testing can lower engineering cycle time and control costs.
  • How the union of AI-enabled Automation and Crowd Testing can provide an Augmented Intelligence that supercharges Quality Engineering.

May 8 @ 11:00
11:00 — 11:45 (45′)

Michael Giacometti