With Spontaneous convergence of microservices and containers in open source world, efforts are being run in testing and Quality Engineering hand in hand with development to deliver continuously, relentlessly, and to stay on par in digital competition. Implicit need for speed in testing domain has become pervasive in order to deliver continuous assurance. Unearthing the ways to increase the application reliability is being given extra thrust these days in industry. The growing density of containers in cloud centre, increases the operational and management complexities of containerized cloud environments. Kubernetes is touted as the successful orchestrator for multi-container applications. However, few drawbacks with respect to service resiliency cannot be overlooked. I will be talking about how using few tools like Helm, spinnaker, terraform along with Kubernetes will help accentuating towards the goal of automated software production delivery and deployment. Also, will cover rationale for the need of service mesh to ensure service resiliency.

May 8 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)

Vidya Hungud