With millennials disrupting the digital economy, organizations have started realizing their impact and have already included/or in the process of their inclusion as a key stakeholder “millennial consumer” or “millennial workforce” in their digital business & technology strategy. Millennial consumers & millennial workforce are strong adopters of technologies with convenience as the main drivers. They expect the technology to provide a connected personal digital experience across channels and devices be it buying a product thru the social media channel as a ‘millennial consumer’ for the identified business moments or as a ‘millennial workforce‘ to enhance their technical skills to adopt to the industry revolution 4.0.To enable a seamless adoption of millennial’s in an organisation across these two dimensions of a consumer or workforce, organization should look at applying design thinking and platform thinking skills to be successful in acquisition of millennial consumers/attraction and retention of millennial’s talent in the digital economy. In this knowledge sharing session, would like to share my experience on how to apply design thinking to create a connected digital experience for the millennials at the intersection of design and technology which will enable organizations to penetrate the millennial consumer, create a unique brand, marketing strategy and increase in revenue pie. Will also talk about how platform thinking can lead to a digitally compassable open architecture to quickly adopt to the emerging technologies which will evince and attract the millennials. Finally, touch open the new way of working which is critical to drive the organization culture moving from a product mindset to a customer centric model.

February 15 @ 12:20
12:20 — 13:00 (40′)