In today’s era of rapid software development, high quality software delivery is a need of the hour. Businesses are trying to cope with dynamic and demanding business requirement with innovative agile methodology. Organizations are now also realizing that for developing quality software effectively and efficiently, thorough testing is the key. In squeezing timeline of development, it is challenging to perform thorough testing by executing large volume of diverse test cases on multiple profile, browsers and devices. Integrated robust and flexible test automation is a suitable solution to overcome this scenario. Agile automation framework strategy, design and implantation offer substantial edge to deliver high quality software in tight delivery timelines. The presentation will emphasize on the best practices that need to be followed to design, develop and implement test automation framework. It will cover how to design and develop agile test automation framework from the scratch for the legacy system which are developed with or without third party UI components. It will also describe common challenges faced while developing test automation framework and their tangible solutions. The presentation will conclude with how to expand the scope of test automation for rigorous testing to deliver high quality of software in shrinking delivery timeline.

September 11 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:30 (45′)

Bhaumik Shroff