So your boss likes to play buzzword bingo? Your team is always looking for the new big thing that will solve all your problems? Someone heard about this Shift Left/Shift Right phenomena and now it’s your job to implement it and make it work. Situations like this will always exist and they can be incredibly daunting when thrown at you but the truth of the matter is that most teams are already committed to improvements that fall in the Shift Left/Right pantheon. If you haven’t actually started doing it, you’ve been talking about and have ideas and plans in mind to make it happen.
The trick is to recognize what you’ve already started doing or thinking about proactively and figuring out how it fits into Shifting Left or Right. The next step is gathering these things together into a cohesive strategy that people will understand and commence taking things to the next level. This talk will help understand the pillars of Shifting Left and Shifting Right and help you place your existing initiatives, real or planned, into the paradigm. This understanding will help you bring your organisation around to understanding the benefits and implementing the changes necessary to gain them.

February 20 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:30 (45′)

Mike Hrycyk