NavCoin has a bespoke private payment solution which I architected and engineered, private cryptocurrency is my specialty domain. This talk walks the audience through – Why privacy is important – How much privacy regular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin offer – Breakdown of the top privacy methods: — Dash (master nodes mixing) — Monero (cryptonote) — Zcash (Zk-SNARKS) — ZeroCoin (Zerocash) — NavCoin’s (NavTech) — Pivx (zPriv) — Cloak (Enigma) – Summary of the pro’s and con’s of each method. – A look into the future of private payments. The talk is about technical topics, but not aimed to dive too deep into the technical aspects of each. The audience should already have a basic understanding of blockchain and how it works but they aren’t required to be a software engineer.

October 31 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:30 (45′)

Craig MacGregor