The traditional testing methodology relies on SMEs to decide on what to test. Automation engineers, while not subject matter resources, help in increasing productivity. They rely on the SMEs to translate their manual test cases in order to automate and expedite testing cycles and test coverage. Additionally, automation always follows manual testing and scripting adds an extra layer in the process.

In the recent years, Cognitive technologies have created a new era for testing teams to not only better their test and defect prediction but also provide an opportunity to automate manual test cases using natural language processing and machine learning. Deloitte’s Cognitive Frictionless Test Automation (COFTA) breaks down all the additional layers and helps to easily automate when we have a well-written manual script. Benefits post-implementation include: enhanced continuous testing and in-sprint automation, reduce over 90% of efforts in automation scripting, improved accountability on manual subject matter resources for automation.

September 13 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Chaithanya Kolar