The world of Digital Marketing is changing and Social Media is transforming the world as we know it – a powerful and legitimate business platform where you can build your brand and reach your customers like never before in a mobile-first reality. If there is one thing that all business owners can agree on, it’s that you have to approach your customers in places where they’re already hanging out and gravitate towards the communication platforms that consumers are already using… And Instant messaging is where people are hanging out now and the foreseeable future. Where there is an audience, advertisers are there and if you are not, you can be sure your competitors are – or whoever has the chops to get in the game and build a distinctive user experience that stands out from the sea of noise in a crowded marketplace today. But the question is how do you capture the attention of your audience in a crowded and noisy social economy? Make no mistake, Instant Messaging Marketing is going to be a huge marketing channel for everyone – consultants, e-commerce companies, brick & mortar stores, public figures and celebrities, event organizers, financial institutions, and more. With way higher Open Rates & Click-Through Rates, an Instant Messaging subscriber is already 5-10x more valuable than the traditional Email address! That’s the exciting new platform of engagement that is already proven to have Open & Click-Through Rates that are 200% – 1000% more effective than email marketing!

July 26 @ 10:45
10:45 — 11:30 (45′)

Peter Chow