An old-school QA adage goes: Your Testing is as effective as the document you refer to test! In today’s age, your quality assurance journey is as effective as the automation you can achieve in your delivery lifecycle. It is therefore imperative for us to have an effective automation approach. How effective is yours?
The more the world pivots towards Agile, Digital, and DevOps-based techniques, the more acute is the need to apply Quality Assurance to our solutions to make them effective in helping achieve that elusive Customer Experience. A Customer Experience that makes it intuitive, attracts customers and prolongs their loyalty. Until a decade ago, Effective Test Automation was the goal, while Efficiency was also liked, but in the agility-borne industry today, Effectiveness of Test Automation is defined as a function of the Efficiency one can bring to the STLC process. Effectiveness is accomplished only when Test Automation is efficient in nature.

September 10 @ 12:30
12:30 — 13:10 (40′)

Rajesh Prakasam