In today’s world, all product teams thrive for creating a continuous feedback loop right from ideation of product, product offering, the customer, and customer feedback. To enable this, the organizations have either adopted Agile and DevOps or are undergoing Agile/DevOps transformation.
A product team’s nirvana state is “Release on Demand”. That means I can release my product as and when the customer demands or when I want to. This is a very ambitious goal and requires a mindset change along with automating many tasks like infrastructure setup and creation, scaling up or down, monitoring, and repetitive testing.
One of the key goals for any product team for DevOps implementation is building the Continuous Delivery and Continuous Testing pipeline (popularly known as CI/CD pipelines) that automates the process of packaging, deploying, and then running automated tests. We can have the automated tests kicked off many times a day, or after every code check-in, or after every successful deployment. Since the goal is to Release on Demand, we should have the capability to build, deploy, test, and promote any number of times we want. Testing being one of the crucial steps as it determines whether to promote to code or build in the next environment. We cannot do it without Automation!!!
The organizations now seek SDETs (Software Developers in Test) or provide training to existing QAs or QEs, so that they can enable them to have the right skill set needed for the Agile and DevOps journey.

August 27 @ 10:50
10:50 — 11:30 (40′)

Arvind Verma