In software industry, test automation plays a vital role in timely shipment & effective testing of the software product. So, the most important question that comes to the developers, testers & clients mind is how well test automation scripts are written to ensure all the checks are made adherent to the business requirements, and how effective test scripts are being created to make reuse of the same in different sprints in the agile projects. In order to ensure our test scripts are dynamic to be adjusted in different sprints with changing business requirements, we need to ensure we had done good design work before developing the automation test scripts. So, next question coming to mind would be, what is good test design? And, the answer is, test design wherein we need to make no code changes and the same script works effectively for similar type of scenarios. E.g. consider a scenario from ETL testing perspective wherein we are to validate different files containing different delimiters, so in this case our test script should be written in such a way that it works perfectly fine for different delimiters being used. So, in short, dynamic test design making use of the parameters, test tables, helps a lot to ensure our test script pack is effective and dynamic to use/reuse.

August 29 @ 15:45
15:45 — 16:30 (45′)

Satindra Mohan