Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud-native architecture for accelerating release velocity, application resiliency, and hyper scalability. With distributed microservices deployed on containerized and multi-cloud workloads, these new-age architectures pose significant QA challenges to isolate application faults, debug issues quickly, and optimize application performance to achieve production excellence. Observability tools transcend traditional monitoring by delving deeper and providing real-time visibility into systems behavior. The question is, can quality engineering teams leverage these rich observability data to identify testing gaps, remediate performance issues, and enable faster feedback loops to build reliable systems?

Takeaways from the talk:
  • Challenges with highly distributed cloud native systems
  • Three pillars of observability and contextual insights
  • Deep dive on Open Telemetry and Observability tools
  • Observability driven testing and benefits

May 8 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)

Sai Subramanian Sivasailem