This talk will explore the common misconceptions that programmers and testers cannot work well together and will provide strategies for building strong, collaborative relationships between these two important roles within a development team. Through real-world examples and practical tips, we will show that by fostering a mutual respect and understanding culture, programmers, and testers can coexist and thrive as friends, working together to deliver high-quality software products.”

By highlighting the benefits of a positive relationship between programmers and testers, this talk aims to break down barriers and promote collaboration between these two groups, resulting in a more efficient development process and higher-quality software products.

Takeaways from the talk:

  • Testers and programmers working together to achieve the same goal are fighting with each other. Both spend much time and energy improving the software and delivering successful releases. Some people set metrics on both to check the progress. A metric to tester on “How many bugs we found?” and a programmer metric on “How many bugs did you fix and did your code not have?” This is very bad and makes them compete against each other rather than work together.
  • One of the testing guru James Bach in one of his lectures on software testing mentioned that
  • Testers don’t hate programmers. They are friends and love each other, just like a wife would tell her husband of a strain on his shirt before he leaves home to avoid embarrassment.
  • If they are friends, they learn from each other, and both know each other flaws and strengths. They know how to push each other. This will help the team reduce time on the deliverable.

November 21 @ 14:15
14:15 — 15:00 (45′)

Nancy Jain