Model-Based Testing (MBT) is an advanced testing technique that combines traditional programming and AI tools. It enables easy and fast generation of test scripts (both manual and automation) and drastically reduces the effort required for their maintenance. In addition, it enables the automatic generation of test suites that are optimized for functional feature coverage, can make the specification itself accessible through visual means, and even find errors in them – before the system under test has been written.

Takeaways from your talk:

In this session you will learn how MBT opens a whole new era for testers, allowing you to…

  • 1. Map, optimize, and prioritize all scripts and permutations
  • Verify requirements accuracy and meet all regulatory needs
  • Graphically visualize processes for cross org collaboration and TRR (Test Readiness Reviews)
  • Standardize your tests across the whole organization
  • Easly and automatically maintain all tests as functionality is updated

November 14 @ 11:45
11:45 — 12:30 (45′)

Michael Bar Sinai