Blockchain has been a buzzword for a last couple of years arising out of the hype from Bitcoin. No doubt, the technology is promising as it allows for trust less-consensus between multiple parties based on peer-peer networking and secure hashes that cannot be altered by design. While there have been debates about Blockchain implementation (Public vs Private vs Protected), the fundamental question remains and given Bitcoin’s legacy of driving anonymity, Blockchain based Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrencies, in general, suffer from the same misunderstanding – how does one validate Identities? What happens if Private Keys are compromised? Will it be legal? Suggests an approach based on existing Digital infrastructure available – eKYC, eSign where a digital KYC and digital signature can be used to sign transactions on a Block thereby resulting in legal validity, non-repudiation and transaction immutability

October 31 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:45 (45′)

Sagar Aggarwal