Many organizations are going through digital transformation and are modernizing their IT landscape for the same. Typically such a modernization exercise involves adoption of digital application architecture like MEAN technology stack, SOA / Micro Services, Cloud Hosting using Agile Project Management and DevOps practices. The aim of such practices is to deliver incremental changes at a faster pace with high quality. Such a fast-paced delivery would need integration of Test Automation practices as part of the core Agile & DevOps practices and are often referred to as “DevTestOps” in short. This paper presents a case study of the implementation of DevTestOps for a large Europe-based Transportation & Logistics provider.

The organization is a customer of Infosys and has embarked on a modernization program. This involves migration of Oracle Developer2K based client-server applications to modern n-Tier, digital-ready Angular JS based application, to Optimize and Harmonize the booking process, Adapt Organization to the new processes and tool, Enhanced tool to simplify, improve and fasten the booking confirmation by bringing in microservices with the key objectives to Improve Productivity, Increase Quality and Speed up Turnaround Time. Implementation of DevTestOps has resulted in many benefits. Some of them are: Reduction of sprint duration from 3 weeks to 2 weeks, Deployment duration reduced from 30 mins to 5 mins, the Faster feedback loop for any build, quality and deployment failures has increased the release frequency from 4/day to 12/day

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