Today’s customers are now more impatient, more demanding and more digitally savvy than ever. They expect instant convenience and immediate service, all served at a touch of a button through their smart phones – the tool a customer can’t bear to part with, which is now a marketer’s best channel in understanding and reaching his or her target audience. This presentation aims to illustrate the importance of delving deep into customers’ habits and psyche through the creation of a Customer Journey Map and demonstrate how doing so will help a marketeer or business achieve the following: 1. Understand the day-to-day thought process and motivations of the target market 2. Identify their pain points or areas of friction 3. Take advantage of existing touch points that are not yet being utilized 4. Design a new and enhanced end-to-end experience for the customer 5. Find critical moments in which Digital Solutions can be injected without being obtrusive and in fact be welcome experiences. 6. Create smooth transitions between online and offline interactions with the customer, allowing them to discover, interact, purchase and share your product or brand 7. Understand how to maximize the Customer Journey Loop such that the steps you have taken will have incremental yields.

June 21 @ 09:45
09:45 — 10:30 (45′)

Michelle Fernandez-Castillo